GRID Display DDU-5


Enhance your racing experience with the GRID Display DDU-5, a high-quality, versatile, and durable display unit designed for motorsport enthusiasts. Equipped with a vibrant 5" LCD screen featuring a clear resolution of 854x480 and 20 customizable RGB LEDs, this display offers endless possibilities for displaying data and racing information.


Vibrant and clear 5" LCD screen: The large, high-resolution screen with 300-lumen backlighting ensures a clear display of all necessary information during racing.
20 customizable RGB LEDs: The LEDs can be adjusted to display different types of information, such as RPMs, flags, and fuel levels, with customizable brightness to suit the racing environment.
Compatibility and versatility: The DDU-5 seamlessly integrates with multiple software programs and is compatible with a wide range of racing setups, making it an excellent choice for various racers.


Additional brackets required: For some racing setups, such as SC2 Ultimate, Accuforce V1/V2, and Simagic Alpha, extra brackets are needed and must be purchased separately, which may entail additional costs.

Compatible with multiple software programs such as SimHub, JRT, and Z1, you can easily control your LCD and LEDs. The DDU-5 is housed in a motorsport-grade enclosure, crafted from 6061 aluminum with an industrial anodized coating and laser engraving, and features durable borosilicate glass with screen printing and frosted LED lenses.


  • SC1/VRS/OSW, SC2 Sport/Pro, SC2 Ultimate (separately sold bracket)
  • Fanatec CSL/CSW, Fanatec DD1/DD2
  • Accuforce V1/V2 (separately sold bracket)
  • Simagic Alpha (separately sold bracket)